AnimeVibe is Back!


Welcome back to AnimeVibe (v6 Beta) [If you are new, we still welcome you xD].
Yay! It’s finally out! Thank you for your patience and sticking around while our main site was down (AnimeVibe Lite was the backup). I wouldn’t have finished this update so soon if it weren’t for the quarantine. Special thanks to all the Patreon Supporters that kept us going, you guys are legends :3


I want y’all to know that I was able to accomplish this thanks to the entire AnimeVibe community over at Discord, especially the staff that managed the community while I was busy irl. The AnimeVibe staff is like an online family to me :3 they have been around since the beginning and even the newer ones are a great support both on discord and for keeping me motivated. Shoutout to these discord admin/moderators – CoolCatLynx, Smiley, ItsJustWesley, ShinzenATT, Arc, AFRIKA6 and the rest of the moderators and support team, I couldn’t be more grateful.


We are currently in Beta, there are some features still in development. It will take about a month for the site to be finalized (meaning all features will be working). Please don’t be surprised if there are down times during Beta (It will be announced on Discord, but most probably the site should be online the whole time) During Beta I will keep an eye on the site speed and its handling and if needed the server will be upgraded. Again, to stay updated about news and information regarding the site, joining the AnimeVibe discord server would be great.


Till then stay frosty, stay safe. AnimeVibe is gonna be with you throughout quarantine and after.

– Doflamingo-san